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Posted by Kirbopher @ 11:18:02 PM - Saturday, May 31st

More Brawl Taunts.

The sequel to the critically acclaimed "Things you'll NEVER hear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl" written, casted and edited by Rina-chan aka KagomeHigurashi.

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Yo kids.
Posted by Kirbopher @ 5:16:45 PM - Saturday, May 31st

Psy is at A-Kon this weekend and is really busy, so in his place I'm making a quick announcement by his request.

"The position for artist of Greed has been filled. I appreciate the applications and interest from everyone, I simply haven't had the chance to make a post about it."

He'll be back in action in a day or two, so don't fret. On that same subject though, be sure to check out and give a warm welcome to Ventastic, the new artist for Greed.

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I don't know what to put here
Posted by Meta @ 1:50:10 PM - Saturday, May 31st

Here ya go folks.

That's about all I got. Anybody going to Southern Cali's Anime Expo this summer? Teeks and I will be there along with a bunch of my friends. If you run into a tall fat guy with a goatee and sunglasses, or a short skinny guy with spiky hair and Nintendo merchandise, say hi.

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It's Saturday
Posted by Madfather @ 2:06:26 AM - Saturday, May 31st

Is this place dead on Fridays?

New Comic

I have seen Hell. sad

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Hey guys.
Posted by Chris @ 12:53:41 AM - Friday, May 30th

A Pokemon Comic.

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TMNT:C! Viral update
Posted by Wil @ 12:38:12 AM - Friday, May 30th

Today, I have a turn around sketch of Leonardo for you. There's also some information about my turtle designs in the description. Enjoy!

Also, here's some artwork I did for a commission.

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Posted by Ame @ 3:32:25 PM - Thursday, May 29th

Another new [ comic ]? OWTF. Theres a full explaination within......because I'd rather do most news within actual content, along with my own take on a classic joke I wanted to do for awhile. I've never seen the delay last for more than one, maybe two panels, which for some reason always bothered me. Or maybe that cites a problem with my own writing. Har.

Also, Europe Now A Bigger Gaming Market Than The US. I think someone forgot to tell Kotaku that Europe is a CONTINENT, not a country. Hurrdurr.
[ main page ] - [ deviant art archive ]

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Flames to the testicles "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 9:56:56 AM - Thursday, May 29th

No more hot spots! YAHAHA! It's all home from here! PERSONAL CONNECTION GET BACK, BABY. Have a Francine to celebrate!

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Posted by Cailen @ 9:41:42 PM - Wednesday, May 28th

I know it seems awkward coming from me, but Greed is an awesome comic that needs an awesome artist! If you have ANY interest in penning an amazing Nintendo based comic, then email Psy!

Also, I've completed my Colosseum Audition.

I hope I get in!

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draw greed
Posted by Hyper @ 8:26:31 PM - Wednesday, May 28th

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Save It
Posted by Rogultgot @ 3:12:15 PM - Wednesday, May 28th

Warp Star

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I don't care, I don't care, I don't have to impress you mugs.
Posted by Kirbopher @ 1:01:04 AM - Wednesday, May 28th


Get the Lyrics HERE:


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More Art
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:26:18 AM - Wednesday, May 28th

Got more art for you guys - hope you don't mind. Of course you don't.

Here's something kind of fun!

Greed Artist Needed! Full story!

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A Change of Heart
Posted by Ame @ 3:59:46 PM - Tuesday, May 27th

A brand new [ comic ] for you folks. Thanks for bearing with me these last two weeks. C:

This is somewhat based on a brief experience with Animal Crossing recently. I quit after losing him. ;_;
[ main page ] - [ deviant art archive ]

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A-Kon Ahoy~
Posted by Trunks @ 12:18:04 PM - Tuesday, May 27th

Soto, Psy, and I will all be at A-Kon this weekend. I hope you'll all be there, especially with as awesome as it's going to be. It'll be easy enough to find us, too. Just look for the FB20XL signage which will likely be all over the place. We'll be selling all sorts of stuff, watching videos, and demoing Love. Maybe even a new, unannounced project. Who knows. I know I don't. That'd be silly. Hur hur.

And as for some content, here's a few pictures Soto and I did:

Trunks and Soto - Anja Packin' Heat - The Hedgehog Trio

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Don't try this.
Posted by Madfather @ 2:11:23 AM - Tuesday, May 27th

Thanks to those who welcomed me in. Anyway, new comic!

This is based on a true story. I didn't do this. I just drove by and saw some other guys doing it. It also ended the same way.

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Posted by Meta @ 3:42:45 PM - Monday, May 26th

Sorry folks. I've been busy as of late.

I won't bore you with the details, so enjoy your comic.

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Flames to the face "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 11:45:30 AM - Monday, May 26th

First post of solo life in my own apartment GO!

First off, even though I already did at DA, I want to wish Madfather warm welcome to the family. I've been watching his stuff for a while now, REALLY good Looney Tunes-ish material. Highly recommend it if you haven't already checked out in the past few days I've been gone.

Secondly, I want to dish out the three quickie commissions that I had sketched before I moved and before I lost a steady internet connection. Once I get it back, it's first come first serve yet again, but ANYWHO BEHOLD.

The Wise Mankey Commission: Part The Twenty Fourth
The Wise Mankey Commission: Part The Twenty Fifth
The Wise Mankey Commission: Part The Twenty Sixth

Full Story for more.

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The Right Oppertunity
Posted by Rogultgot @ 8:36:17 AM - Sunday, May 25th

Warp Star

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I has a hat!
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:35:20 AM - Sunday, May 25th

Hey! I have sum artwork!

Got the Penny-Arcade game. Holy shit buy it now. NOW. STOP READING AND GET IT. It's like Super Mario RPG meets the word FUCK! And, that's always good.

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Posted by Trunks @ 3:22:40 PM - Saturday, May 24th

Love is now officially complete and ready for retail release. Check out the site, where you can grab a five level demo, and learn a little more about the game.

Also be sure to check out Cailen's crap and Kirb's stuff, and many welcomes to MadFather.

But it's unlikely you've read any of this post because you're still so enamored with Sonic Bastardized Five.

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The Colosseum
Posted by Cailen @ 12:15:46 AM - Friday, May 23rd

Remember how the last half of last year I had entered Craig into an Original Character Tournament on DeviantArt?


*goes back into the shadows*'m kinda not doing Greed anymore. (I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates...for the past 5 months...).
I'm sorry I've let the fans of the series down. But for fans of my art, I'll still be on the website.

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I'm such a Deviantart.
Posted by Kirbopher @ 11:46:05 PM - Thursday, May 22nd

First off, big welcome to the angry daddio one update below. Glad to have ya aboard, you win a billion points.

...but not YOU people, you win a shitty picture of the Milky Special Corps and some Pokefags.

Also! You guys remember Alpha right? YES. YES YOU DO. Well he deserves to go to ComicCon in San Diego this summer and we can get him there, but we're in dire need of some extra funding. Not to worry though, 'cuz he's taking commissions! He also draws really good! A lot! You should order pictures from him!


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Something new has been added.
Posted by Madfather @ 3:35:09 PM - Thursday, May 22nd

Hey everyone! New guy here? I'm Chris. You can call me The Madfather. I come bearing two new comics.

First is The Mad Brothers.
This one features original characters and follows the exploits of cartoon feline siblings Harvey and Crazy.

Second is Super Slapstick Bros.
This uses the cast of Super Smash Bros. (as well as some characters you aren't in the games) in a series of slapstick comedy sketches.

Of coarse, none of you are paying attention to this because you're too busy watching Sonic Bastardized 5.

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And now it's time for SEXY time!
Posted by Psyguy @ 8:02:59 PM - Wednesday, May 21st


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Never gonna give you up~
Posted by Trunks @ 5:34:51 PM - Wednesday, May 21st

I'm likely to be shot for my first delving into the world of sprite movies.

Guys, it's super serious and I want you all to criticize it heavily so I can make better ones in the future. I hope my writing is excellent too. Any comments can be left on the YouTube page or e-mailed to me.

Thank you all so very much I hope you enjoy lolol.

Voices done by Psy and Kirb. ALL OF THEM.

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Posted by Hyper @ 1:01:35 AM - Wednesday, May 21st


I'd tell you my life story, but that's why I have livejournal and people to rant at in real life. ;D

I owe you guys 2 months of Brave Adventurer Lily. ;D;;

Look at this in the mean time!!

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Posted by Wil @ 9:05:41 PM - Monday, May 19th

Hey, if anybody has the Wil version 3 sprite sheet, can you please send it to me? I was cleaning out some of the WTAW folders to reorganize it and accidentally deleted it. Thanks!

EDIT: Got 'em! And Akuma actually had my big sheet with all the fighting poses :D

Also, that digital painting that I did recently? Yeah, that's now available as a wallpaper in 800x600, 1024x768, and 1600x1200 in the Extras section.

EDIT: Here's some practice sketches of TMNT anatomy :D

RSS Feed

Posted by Ame @ 3:38:38 PM - Monday, May 19th

I had a pretty rough week recently, and it was Ryo's birthday. So heres a Unsound of Mind Fanservice filler while I get back on my feet.

Expect things to go back to normal relatively soon, things have just been crazy. :I

RSS Feed

More Wit than you can Handle
Posted by Trunks @ 11:03:49 AM - Monday, May 19th

New Trunks and Soto Appears! A warning for those with easily erected towers, it may or may not be a trap.

Also, still accepting sign-ups for the Love Beta.

RSS Feed

Zeeba Neighba "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 1:30:38 AM - Monday, May 19th

Sorry I wasn't able to wish you a happy birthday or make you anything, Psy. I just hope that my wanting to finish the new COLD pages before I move later today (The date was changed to today. If you're a wrestling and Kane fan like I am, you might see the humor in this) AND the return of a character we haven't seen in exactly three months will make up for it.

RSS Feed

Posted by RittZ @ 12:18:41 AM - Monday, May 19th


but it COULD be....

until June

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Love is in the Air
Posted by Trunks @ 9:45:57 PM - Sunday, May 18th

By special permission of the lord and savior Mr. Green Frilly pants, I've been given permission to publish this post.

My long-while-in-production platformer computer game Love is now content complete, and I'm looking for testers who have a lot of free time and competency in literary skills to help smooth out the bugs. For more information, check out the WIP blog, or simply inquire as to why you want in the beta by e-mailing me at

RSS Feed

Spam B
Posted by Rogultgot @ 4:37:37 PM - Sunday, May 18th

Here you go.

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Posted by Kirbopher @ 2:59:24 AM - Sunday, May 18th

What!? No updates in three days!? You poor, poor baby! D:

Here, have some delicious art soup to tie and a band-aid to make your boo-boo all better. Don't worry, it's got your favorite! Banjo-Kazooie, Dragonball Z and even a hot chick!

Shhhh *pets* everything's gonna be oooookaaay.

RSS Feed

Posted by Wil @ 10:57:29 PM - Thursday, May 15th

Here's 32 new Smash Bros icons added into the stockpile!

About 50% on the new CD3 pages.

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Dance for me.
Posted by Kirbopher @ 6:17:24 PM - Thursday, May 15th

He's lookin' good, makin' patterns in the sky.

..and he did it nine times.

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Posted by Aubrey @ 8:41:38 AM - Thursday, May 15th

Totally did not do a comic, but I did art and I LIKED HOW IT TURNED OUT. And happy belated birthday to Psy! I didn't draw any birthday pictures but uh...

If you like the idea of a schoolgirl with a sword, then you'd like this!




RSS Feed

Posted by Meta @ 1:12:14 AM - Thursday, May 15th

Hope you had a good birthday, there, Psy. I'll try to get on making you a late present.

Unfortunately, I've still got the writer's block, folks, but in the meantime, have some art. New comic(s) sometime next week. Later!

RSS Feed

Psy is a Birthday Teimz?
Posted by Cailen @ 3:39:36 PM - Wednesday, May 14th

Leik, OMG.

ANYWAY, Oy Psy. Do you has Birthdayz?
You Has Birthdayz.

Yeah? Well I'm the only one who actually SAW Psy on his birthday. Suck on that.

RSS Feed

So What?
Posted by Rogultgot @ 2:57:37 PM - Wednesday, May 14th

Hey, a Warp Star I'm not totally ashamed of!

RSS Feed

Ding 25
Posted by Psyguy @ 2:36:29 AM - Wednesday, May 14th

First off, in case you wanted to know, today's my birthday.

I've been working on getting shit taken care of. RMUI hasn't updated because I've moved back to videos. I find it very telling when I make 30 comic pages on time every time and the hits for the site go -down-. You know what that tells me? Comic's not gonna go anywhere.

I appreciate everyone's support for it. But, there are PLENTY - and I mean PLENTY of comics with 1,000+ issues that have like...8 fans. Don't get me wrong - I ain't knocking those comics. But, let's face it, that comic was nothing but a hit booster and nothing more. It ain't doing it's job so it's time to see it go bye-bye.

What exactly does this mean? It means Bastardized and my videos are going to get more attention. I commissioned Trunks to work on a FB movie page. (Which will hopefully done by Thursday).

So, yeah, sorry about the lack of updates. Just bare with us here.

A-KON crap in full story.

RSS Feed

Posted by Kirbopher @ 11:07:27 PM - Monday, May 12th

So my friend is doing a podcast about interviewing flash animators of all kinds. One episode was done on RubberNinja, creator of "Gamer Tonight" and the second episode, which we recorded earlier today, features me! Be sure to check it out and keep your eyes peeled on the "Behind the Flash" blog for interviews with other big-name flash artists from around the net. Hopefully I won't bore you in this episode with my pointless banter.

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Clean it 'til it DIES "OF THE YEAR"
Posted by Alan S. @ 12:43:57 AM - Monday, May 12th

I don't normally like to share Transformation related artwork on the Fireball front page lately due to it being a smidgen difficult for TF Art Haters to find by posting it on my front page alone, but I need content for an important announcement and here it be. So if you are one of those aforementioned TF Art Haters, no one is forcing you to look at the following commission but yourself.

ShineofRain Commission

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The Problem
Posted by Rogultgot @ 12:50:32 PM - Sunday, May 11th

warp star

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Offering Up More Laughs than the Disney Channel
Posted by Teeks @ 9:38:03 PM - Saturday, May 10th

I guess that's not very hard.

Woo comic

PS. Mario Kart Wii is pretty magical. I would buy it if I were you.

RSS Feed

Less f***ed.
Posted by Trunks @ 10:35:28 AM - Saturday, May 10th

Wow, I love the Fireball20xl fanbase. I got two really awesome commissions yesterday that put a nice chunk of change in my goal box. I now have an incredibly unrealistic goal now, which I'm about a quarter of the way to, which is $250.

Here are the commissions that I completed yesterday:

Wario Chompin' down on Link

Jynx stealin' a pouch

Hopefully after seeing these amazing (lol) pieces that I've done you'll flock to get commissions made (even more lol).

RSS Feed

Oh so f***ed. Now taking commissions.
Posted by Trunks @ 10:45:07 AM - Friday, May 9th

I’m in a pretty bad financial situation, and rather than clog up the front page with pleas and beggary, please check out the full story for more information.

And I'm sorry for continuously posting mostly worthless pieces of news, but at least there are a couple of brand new pictures in the full story, so that's neat.

RSS Feed

Elusive Wild Beach Things "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 1:25:36 AM - Friday, May 9th

Ehhh, I've got nuthin'...

Aether Commission

RSS Feed

Roll with me, baby.
Posted by Trunks @ 7:06:24 PM - Thursday, May 8th

Oh this is totally awesome, Trunks and Soto is now officially a brand at, and we're selling a shirt of two of my favorite video game references of all time packed into one shirt. Go buy one! Please! It'll help pay my exorbitant phone bills.

Also be sure to check out everything below that isn't trying to sell things. Except for OMA. Because everyone should buy a commission off of him (if he still has any slots open).

RSS Feed

Posted by Meta @ 5:30:17 PM - Thursday, May 8th

Hey everybody. Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy with college crap and I have some writer's block. Not that you care!

In the meantime, have this fancomic from my good friend Toadkarter.

RSS Feed

Posted by Alan S. @ 2:43:09 AM - Thursday, May 8th

Between this and toppling that almost unforgiving madness known as Ninja Gaiden III, I've been on quite a roll in the past twenty-four hours.

Shadowmaster Commission

Getcher wallets out. I plot on opening a few (Read: FEW) more spots soon.

And dude, Wil, you are f**king INSANE.

RSS Feed

Pluggin' away.
Posted by Trunks @ 1:42:17 AM - Thursday, May 8th

Finals week is here, but it'll be gone soon. Unfortunately I'm hitting Houston for next week, but that aside, I implore you to check out my All for Love blog, because I've got some news over there that I'd like you all to check out as well. It's got my Love updates, as well as a portfolio collection from this semester's Photoshop works. I'm pretty proud of this semester's work.

Oh lord, didn't notice how busy the front page is tonight. Make sure to check out Wil's awesome painting, HM HMMM, Some A Capella, some moe, some Star of Warp, and a duck's art.

RSS Feed

Posted by Wil @ 1:35:37 AM - Thursday, May 8th

Woah. Pushing myself off the front page. When's the last time THAT happened?

I feel like it's my obligation to tell you that if you haven't been keeping up with the site the past few days, go back through the old news because you missed a LOT.

Anyway, here's a digital painting I just finished up for class :D

RSS Feed

Hm Hmm!
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:39:22 AM - Thursday, May 8th

Go Go Parody Rangers: Renaldo: Every "Hm Hmm" ever!

RSS Feed

Posted by Kirbopher @ 11:30:57 PM - Wednesday, May 7th

Nothing can survive, the will to stay alive, 'cuz if you try...


RSS Feed

Peculiar Fanservice
Posted by Ame @ 3:32:57 PM - Wednesday, May 7th

A new [ comic ], this actually marks the 30th comic / 300 individual comic panels drawn. Woot! I'll probably do something special next week. :U And yes, the comic is actually honoring some ...odd requests for Ryo. oO;

If you have no idea why that little Travis Touchdown is there, you really ought to play No More Heroes. Or at least take a look [ here ]. If you're still confused, take a look [ here ] as well.
[ main page ] - [ deviant art archive ]

RSS Feed

E For Everyone
Posted by Rogultgot @ 1:26:31 PM - Wednesday, May 7th

Warp Star

RSS Feed

*Peeks out of his Cave*
Posted by Cailen @ 2:27:49 AM - Wednesday, May 7th

Art anyone?
Do we still like art?
We like art.
Have some art.
Anyway, you should go look at everything below this post since it's infintely better anyway.
*goes back into hiding*

RSS Feed

Kirbing Dedede & Brawl Taunts
Posted by Kirbopher @ 1:31:47 AM - Wednesday, May 7th

New acapella. There, Cailen. HAPPY NOW!?

Also a new flash movie short!

Bastardized 5 is gonna be the shit. Oh yeah.

Cailen: *makes the Gendo pose*
I am...pleased...

RSS Feed

And there's the bell
Posted by RittZ @ 10:39:58 PM - Tuesday, May 6th

New Boxer Hockey. SHIT HAPPENS. about the regular pace.

Also, I want Sonic Bastardized 5. I want it so hard.

RSS Feed

Super Frikin' Parody Poop Rangers
Posted by Psyguy @ 7:28:54 PM - Tuesday, May 6th


RSS Feed

Posted by Wil @ 5:23:23 PM - Tuesday, May 6th

"You fight well. In the old style... But you've caused me enough trouble.

Now, you face... The Shredder."

Love the Cowabunga! viral campaign :D

Also love Sonic: Bastardized IV trailer and the new COLD pages.

RSS Feed

Luffy's Birthday "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 10:06:27 PM - Monday, May 5th

In this week's COLD update, everyone's pissed off at Speedy!

The little jerk. RAWW.

Now salivate over the Sonic Bastardized trailer.

RSS Feed

Sonic Bastardized 5 Teaser
Posted by Psyguy @ 9:17:17 PM - Monday, May 5th

Here you go. You can thank me later.

RSS Feed

No comic
Posted by Psyguy @ 6:06:11 PM - Monday, May 5th

No comic today - have a WoW video instead.

RSS Feed

Plan 9 From Subspace
Posted by Rogultgot @ 3:15:11 AM - Sunday, May 4th

Warp Star

RSS Feed

All for Love
Posted by Trunks @ 8:09:02 PM - Saturday, May 3rd

First, new Trunks and Soto posted. Sorry if it's not the most amazing piece of webcomic out there, but it's what those jappers refer to as "filler".

In other big news, I've launched my own personal site, All for Love, because Trunks and Soto just simply can't contain all of my own singular ego. It'll have future updates of Love as well as any other projects I take on. Think of it like a blog about me and my works, as well as gaming news. I hope everyone hits it up.

Also, this has no bearings on my work on Fireball20XL or on Trunks and Soto, it's just another site. About me. And about how awesome I am.

RSS Feed

Posted by Psyguy @ 1:35:28 AM - Friday, May 2nd

RMUI #30: Dingrats!

Well, welcome to May! And the 14th is my birthday so you should all give me free art I don't have to pay you a cent for because well golly gee gosh I'm the birthday boy don't cha know bobbo.

Thanks to Liz for being the Dorf!

RSS Feed

Posted by RittZ @ 8:12:15 AM - Thursday, May 1st

There was no comic this week because school sucks. But I did have a big storyboard assignment that I posted. Go check it out, it's way past cool. HYUCKHYUCKHYUCK. God, Ame. That Sonic thing you posted hurt me in the heart.

Kirb: This man just sketched out an incredibly detailed-looking, 3 times in a row. Respect.

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