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Posted by Meta @ 1:41:28 AM - Thursday, November 1st

Sorry it's been a while. College, and all that.

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Posted by Cailen @ 9:45:20 PM - Wednesday, October 31st

Alright, so to correct the error made in the first attempt, I now bring you all the Fireball20xl Halloween Wallpaper.
Thank you, staffers, for the awesome pictures, and for putting up with my discombobulated insanity in getting it done.

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All Hallows Eve, yar.
Posted by Ame @ 3:35:53 PM - Wednesday, October 31st

[ Happy Halloween! ]

Now go get fat off of candy. Any kid who comes to my house gets to suffer a bowl full of black cherry warheads.

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Posted by Rogultgot @ 12:49:05 PM - Wednesday, October 31st

I think that the 'Thanks for playing!' adds a level of charm, but think what you will. We had some good times with The Squeak Squad, didn't we?

Yeah, we did.

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Posted by Psyguy @ 10:24:00 PM - Tuesday, October 30th

Here's your super special Halloween comic!

Yes, Fooly is "Sam". Only because on the original picture, he has a bucket of white paint labeled "Sam's" with a picture of Max. So - while naming everybody I just was on auto pilot - I guess? And just wrote down what I saw in the picture. I left it because I thought it was funny and my mind is warped like that.

I originally wanted to do a HALOween comic. Get it. Halo. Ween. Oh yes.

Edit: And it's TMS# 271: I'm just too lazy to fix that.

Kirb: Have a Super Freakin' Halloween, everypeoples!

Wil: Also, here's a wallpaper of Wilhelm Ooze.

Cailen: I am fat. RittZ is spongebob.

Meta: I think I have a solution, gentlemen.

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Well Blow Me Down
Posted by Chris @ 7:10:07 PM - Monday, October 29th

Uuuhh Gug Gug Gug Gug Gug Gug.

My goal this Holloween is to act like Popeye for 24 hours without giving it a rest. Oh what fun conversations I'll have that day.

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Casting Call
Posted by Rogultgot @ 1:42:45 PM - Monday, October 29th

the pixel

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TMS and Ghost Rider
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:12:27 PM - Sunday, October 28th

Your TMS. Enjoy. :D
Yes, I need to update the "newest comic" banner. But I'm tired. D:

Ghost Rider Psyguy
DA Version

And, thanks guys! Choas Diamonds 3 got first place in the Sonic Site Awards!


[ Samurai Pizza Cats: Cold - new pages! ]

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Posted by Alan S. @ 9:15:11 PM - Sunday, October 28th

Damn, these were done HELLA fast, too. o_o

I don't expect it to last. XD A COLD FOR YOU!

Also, and this is still me and not Cailen, I'm just being nice, but Filthy, Rog, Trunks, CZ, Teeks, if you haven't already, the Crow summons you. RESPOND.

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The Present
Posted by Rogultgot @ 9:47:11 AM - Sunday, October 28th

Only one away from the big 200.

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Posted by Psyguy @ 5:29:13 AM - Sunday, October 28th











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Posted by Kirbopher @ 11:26:30 PM - Thursday, October 25th

Kirbival Night

Kirbopher sings "Carnival Night Zone" from Sonic 3, acapella. Yes, I'm a giant dork :)

Alex: Don't worry, we've all sung that song at one point.

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TMS! Friday Update
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:11:00 PM - Thursday, October 25th

TMS! #269: Music Appreciation

Anyways, I will be in Florida this weekend celebrating my Uncle's 50th Birthday. (poor sap). And - I will probably not see you there.



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uom 13:. yiff in hell, optimus!
Posted by Ame @ 3:35:40 PM - Thursday, October 25th

Gotta make this quick cause I woke up late for work. :I

So heres [ Unsound of Mind 13], enjoy! :B

[ main site ] / [ my deviant art archive ] / [ my sheezyart archive ] / [ my porn archive ]

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not there, there
Posted by Filthy @ 11:15:12 PM - Wednesday, October 24th

I drew something omg
Niro and Jess

Also, I posted a few crappy digicam videos from OniCon in my youtube from when Psy and Trunks got VERY bored and decided to improvise with El Bastardo and El Frank XD;
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Posted by Rogultgot @ 10:38:25 AM - Wednesday, October 24th

warp star

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Nuts to you.
Posted by RittZ @ 12:50:57 AM - Wednesday, October 24th

Front page this, motherfuckers.
oh, and
every resolution you'll need
. Because I heart you

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TMS 268: "Oni-con 2007"
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:35:04 PM - Tuesday, October 23rd

TMS 268: "Oni-con 2007"

While I did make some sales, I really need to say I was rather disappointed at how artist alley was handled this year. Not only did they set up late on Friday, but they set up too few tables in the "main" artist alley, leaving some artists in the middle of f'ing no where. For a $60 table, that kind of location is just ridiculous. While where I sat was, yes, better - the fact that it was seperated from the artist alley made things extremely difficult and I didn't pull a profit. Would I have made money if things went better? I seriously think so.

RANT OVER. Anyways, It was great hanging out with Xero, Juno, and Mookie. You guys are awesome. Oh - and my staff. I guess.

[ New CD3 Pages ]

RYAN DRUMMOND'S IN BRAWL. Well - he can be. Check out full story.


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Well hey!
Posted by Wil @ 6:29:26 PM - Tuesday, October 23rd

Look at that! I actually managed to get THESE pages done AHEAD of schedule. Whooda thunk it? Only took 13 days this time.

EDIT: OH OH! Quick thing I keep forgetting to mention here. If you live in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs area and have no plans for tomorrow (aka WEDNESDAY) evening, my short "The Saturday Morning Super Adventures of the Blue Dynamic" is being shown as part of the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg's annual animation festival (in high res and on the big screen, no less)! The festival is call ARTimation, and is taking place at the AMC Barrington in Schaumburg, Illinois. It's in the Animation Theater, and showings are taking place at 5:30pm, 6:45pm, and 8:15pm, with the box office opening at 4:30.

BACK TO THE REGULAR UPDATE: Anyway, I'm still getting into the swing of this quarter- new classes with lots of busywork for homework, and I got a new extra position at my job. So I'm not sure how regular updates'll be from me in the foreseeable future. But I do still plan on finishing CD3 on time.

Also, go read the new TRG.


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Posted by Alan S. @ 3:48:38 PM - Tuesday, October 23rd


Considering that the TRGs I have planned after this one are relatively short considering this story arc, I may actually be able to make them before the end of the year if I play my cards right. Which will bring me to FIVE TRG episodes done in this year.

It doesn't, however, change the fact that I FAIL MISERABLY AT COMICS. : D

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Your all so fucking easy to amuse.
Posted by Chris @ 10:20:24 PM - Monday, October 22nd

So I revived my SA accout last night, and Psy told me that I apprently made front page. I donno weither its sad or just a jist of God on my behalf.

But eh, you like it so why deny it?

Maybe it's because I'm a crackerjack. But in any case please direct your attention to the more important updates below me.

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Apologies with cookies
Posted by Alex @ 6:18:03 PM - Monday, October 22nd

Okay guys, I dunno if you're anxiously waiting on Greed or not, but it's not quite ready. I know it should have been on the 8th, but shit happened. Lots of it. If you're really getting upset at the amount of time it's taken, you can e-mail me and I'll fill you in on my life, but I'm not about to spill a bunch of drama on the front page.

Now I know it's customary to have something to update with besides words, so I have a couple pictures I uploaded to my DA account specifically for this post.

Anyway, next Greed update will be six pages instead of three to make up for the lack of a previous update.

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Oni-Con Footage
Posted by Solid Jake @ 4:47:22 PM - Monday, October 22nd

Heya everyone, Niro here. You know, the guy who does the voice of Eggman, Mikey, Mace, and a whole bunch of other guys? YEAH. I never really update, because I don't do a comic, but I do have a video from Oni-Con '07 under the cut, with everyone's favorite blooperman, El Bastardo.

Oh, and El Frank I guess.

Oh, and Trunks and Xero Reynolds.

Full story, kids.

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Poetry in Motion Studies
Posted by RittZ @ 1:45:53 PM - Monday, October 22nd

A couple of goodies in Boxer Hockey today. A cutout animated short, a late commission from AWA, and a small preview of a new forthcoming wallpaper.
Do enjoy yourselves responsibly.

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Survivor: DA Round 3
Posted by Cailen @ 12:46:10 AM - Monday, October 22nd

Well, here is the entry that I sent in. Thing is, I win by default. My opponent forfiet last week. And lucky me that she did, I never got around to finishing the piece I turned in!!! (As you can see).
Anyway, enjoy!
(Oh, and Rog, Aubrey, Toadkarter, and Meta, I need to speak to you guys. Drop me an email or something)

It has to do with his lower appendage.

His foot.

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TMS! "Sonic's the name..."
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:59:15 PM - Sunday, October 21st

I have got some issues.

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Wild Doku Appeared!
Posted by Teeks @ 2:11:58 AM - Sunday, October 21st

So two new Friendly Fires for you today. Both a part of the Pokemon Arc that weren't originally written into the arc.

The first is just a comic that leads up to the second comic which is really cool because it was made by my good friend Doku. He made it as a fan-comic quite a while ago but I decided to toss it into the arc after Me and him thought up the issue before it. So now it has been canonized! Hazzah!

Enjoy those, huh?

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Who Is He Talking To?
Posted by Rogultgot @ 1:49:48 PM - Saturday, October 20th

the pixel

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Posted by Meta @ 2:32:01 AM - Saturday, October 20th

If you can't name both songs you are a sad, sad little (wo)man. And you have my pity. Farewell.

Oh and if you didn't catch that reference then there's no hope for you

I wouldn't be surprised if people didn't catch it as you even got it wrong! It's "Sad, strange little man." Dumbass

MR. O.M.A: And you have my pity. FAREWELL.

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Posted by Psyguy @ 11:35:10 AM - Friday, October 19th

hey guys. Our table is to the left of the dealer's room in the middle of no where. Just fyi.

We moved! Right by the food court!

Meta: Get me a bagel, wudja?

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'Round Midnight "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 2:19:51 AM - Friday, October 19th

The Rogue's Gallery Halloween 2007
FA Link

No SA link because APPARENTLY I broke the site. >: /

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TMS and Oni-con
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:59:25 PM - Thursday, October 18th

Here's your brand spankin' new TMS!

Also, this weekend, Trunks, Filthy, Niro, and I will all be at Oni-con this weekend.

If you see THIS - you're in the right place.

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Auuugh, Team Fortress 2 is like Halo...on crack.
Posted by Ame @ 3:36:32 PM - Thursday, October 18th

Unless you've been living under a rock, Valve released The Orange Box last week or so. I don't know if you've been keeping up with it, but from I've seen, the game looks fantastic. Even if the best game in the pack is only 2 hours long.

So with that, heres the new UOM: [Portals and Porn]

Hopefully I can fetch the XBox360 version of this sucker soon, because like alot things as of late, the PS3 version won't be out for a whole month. P:

Also, [Boredom and 4chan is a terrible combo.]
[ main site ] / [ my deviant art archive ] / [ my sheezyart archive ]

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His Wicked Soul
Posted by Rogultgot @ 1:44:27 PM - Wednesday, October 17th

warp star

Cailen: Hey Rog, do you mind if I hijack this for a second? To all fb20xl staffers, I have sent you an EMAIL. Please check your inboxes and alert me when you get the chance (or if you don't get the email at all).

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Sonic Missiah am I?
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:55:56 PM - Tuesday, October 16th

Well since TMS is back I figure I better put my take on the whole Sonic in Brawl thing.

Yay Fanboys!

[ money for the poor? ]

Chris: Here's a 20. Now dance bitch!

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We All Live In a Pokemon World!
Posted by Teeks @ 12:12:15 AM - Tuesday, October 16th

The latest Friendly Fire is based on true events!

Well not really.

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Posted by RittZ @ 10:28:38 PM - Monday, October 15th

yes, it's late. yes, it's not boxer hockey. I don't want to talk about it.

on a side note, did anyone else notice how awesome Knuckles sounded in Sonic Bastardized 3? Someone give that guy a web emmy


Wil: As another staff member attending an art college, I feel compelled to say, "EL OH ELS, IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!!"

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Skippy for Sale!
Posted by Psyguy @ 9:55:35 PM - Monday, October 15th

YO! Have I got your attention yet?

I'm selling a new wallpaper to try and help raise money for the site!

Artwork by Bokuman

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Call Out The Defence Force!
Posted by Rogultgot @ 1:28:35 PM - Monday, October 15th

the pixel

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Posted by Alan S. @ 11:17:37 PM - Sunday, October 14th

Damn, these were done HELLA fast. o_o

But who's gonna complain? A COLD FOR YOU!

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4 years later...
Posted by Psyguy @ 9:22:50 PM - Sunday, October 14th

And now to break your internet...

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Why Youtub? Why?
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:57:51 AM - Sunday, October 14th

You tube is being a here's some links to SB3 on Newgrounds and Dailymotion.

Wil: Hey bud, gonna hijack your post for a second.

GUYS. Today and tomorrow are the last two days to vote for Chaos Diamonds 3 in the Sonic Site Awards!! We've been nominated for Best Comic of 2007, and since 2007 IS the last full year of CD3, with the series ending in Spring of '08, this is the LAST TIME CD3 could possibly be nominated! Get over there and vote!

You will need to register to vote, but in my experience, there's no junk mail or anything.

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Stars In His Eye
Posted by Rogultgot @ 5:06:52 AM - Sunday, October 14th

warp star

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Sonic Bastardized 3
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:50:43 PM - Saturday, October 13th

Sonic Bastardized 3!

I think I'm just going to finish the Sonic OVA and then go into Transformers. Bouncing back and fourth between shows is really confusing. I get ideas for Sonic but then Transformers and OMG WHY. So yeah - Sonic first. Then Transformers.

Anyways enjoy! I'm going to crash forever now! :D


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February 10th?!!?
Posted by Teeks @ 11:09:04 PM - Saturday, October 13th

Okay, two new issues of Friendly Fire for you today. Ain't you special?

Our First issue shows you just how big of a comic GENIUS Psy is.

Our Second issue is an accurate depiction of the Gamefaqs message board about four days ago. Yes, I'm four days behind. Yes, I know I already made a Sonic in Brawl issue. Yes, I know Reggie didn't make the annoucement. Yes, I know I promised you a story arc. It's coming, I swear it is. I just need some Pokemon effects and to finish the scripts.

For now, enjoy those. I guess.

Edit: Hey Look, I started the arc anyway! Only cause Ton was badgering me. JKing. I love you Ton!

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In a land where cattle roam...
Posted by Trunks @ 1:45:12 PM - Saturday, October 13th

That is all.

What the fuck is this shit? Go back to /b/, nub.

RSS Feed

Fanart and junk
Posted by Psyguy @ 1:52:35 PM - Friday, October 12th

I got the MAD hookups for fanart. (use the next button lol)

Sorry these take me so long to get up. I get distracted easi- OO SHINY! :D

Here's a brand new page of R&B by the lovely Doodli. Just - wow. o.o;

She'll have the next 2 sometime in the coming weeks. As well as a place on the update list. She's still working on her avatar. Or something. Or taking over the world.

Here's some fun links
Trucks in Wow
From Mankey:
Sonic vs Link SSBB
Yoshi dies with a the smash ball like an idiot
- from Kirb
Sonic VS. Link - Sonic goes Super Sonic

... Speaking of Sonic

No love for Trunks in the Fanart. Ever.

RSS Feed

Doo dee doo doo
Posted by Meta @ 2:03:17 AM - Friday, October 12th

Sorry it's been so long, everybody.

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The enemies are fraternizing! They've also baked this terrific cake.
Posted by Ame @ 3:22:27 PM - Thursday, October 11th

Rarely does a bit of videogame information strike enough of a chord in me to quite literally get a comic done in under 24 hours. But with the news of a [ certain blue blur ] getting in on the Smash Brothers Brawl action, with his CLASSIC moves and animations no less, was more than enough cause for it.

So yes; [ Unsound of Mind 11 ].

This is hopefully a step in the direction I fully intended it for once the main script pans out. We'll see.

Also a [ cheesy doodle of Ame inspired by Disgaea and Sonic 2 ]. With extra cheese and a side of pinto beans. And I really need to upgrade my website hosting once November comes around. P:

[ main site ] / [ my deviant art archive ] / [ my sheezyart archive ]

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brb coma
Posted by Teeks @ 1:53:32 AM - Thursday, October 11th

*drooling coma noises here*

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Posted by Psyguy @ 9:41:32 PM - Wednesday, October 10th


Here's a 25 minute wha-chow about Sonic in Brawl!

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Sonic Icons
Posted by Psyguy @ 5:13:08 PM - Wednesday, October 10th


Yes, I know about the update. Please stop spamming my e-mail, DA, and SA! I'm honored you think I'm the great Sonic Missah, but seriously, out of all the people, don't you think I would know?

Anyways enjoy.


RSS Feed

Posted by Wil @ 4:26:04 PM - Wednesday, October 10th

Guess what I updated!

Also, I updated my stockpile of Smash Brothers icons. But Psy's up there are animatededed.

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The Other Star Rod
Posted by Rogultgot @ 3:28:43 PM - Wednesday, October 10th

finished Portal. really good.

the cake is a lie

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Posted by Alan S. @ 12:48:46 PM - Wednesday, October 10th


Brawl is Ruined, Huh?
SA Link

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Omega BLUE "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 12:10:23 AM - Tuesday, October 9th

Destiny Rule "4" Reference
SA Link

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Chris Sings Guys! OMG! WTF LOL!
Posted by Chris @ 10:43:25 PM - Monday, October 8th

Real Voice Actors of Genius - Mr. Anime Voice Double Guy

I was the background singer just to clarify.

RSS Feed

Cookin' Some Pokemons
Posted by Teeks @ 1:43:33 AM - Monday, October 8th

Hey guys, check out this new FF!!!!

It's based on an AIM conversation Me and Ton had when I traded him a crappy Spearow for like, Electivire or something cool. He got gipped. Oh well.

Enjoy that. I really like this issue XP

RSS Feed

You Know What You Doing
Posted by Rogultgot @ 6:25:58 AM - Sunday, October 7th

You know what you doing; take off every zig.

Zig-zag, like in the strip. Yeah, you get it.

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Smutalicious "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 2:13:44 AM - Sunday, October 7th

SA Link

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Alright, now pee in this cup.
Posted by Trunks @ 7:32:21 PM - Saturday, October 6th

New Trunks and Soto up, for her pleasure.

Chris: And then all of Psy's asian fanbase got seizures. The End.

asdkjghawpeuhnberu *dies*

Filthy: I FEEL SO FORGOTTEN ;_; I'M GOING TOO, YOU FAGGOTS! *has seizure and dies*


Jerkholes. :(


RSS Feed

That was awkward "Of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 2:43:05 AM - Saturday, October 6th

I think one of you needs to kill the other, we can't have TWO blue fonts. XD


Mike Renner Commission: Part The Sixth
Lachesis Take Two

Or we could kill everyone else who doesn't have blue font and TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

RSS Feed

Need content much?
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:57:21 PM - Friday, October 5th


Check this out.

Sorry about the lack of ANYTHING on my end. The last 2 weekends I've been sick as hell. All ending in a grand finale of a horrible temperature and uncontrollable diarrhea. YAY! =D

But I'm okay now! So, I can get to work. Seriously.

Unless I die.

Can I has your stereo? :3

Shut up, Fatty. I don't see Greed drawing itself!

That was me. The Wil o.o

Yeah, I stole the blue font. And I'm like... the opposite of fat. And also sick.

It was late! Lemme alone!

RSS Feed

JoshR is Cool
Posted by Teeks @ 11:50:47 PM - Thursday, October 4th


Big thanks to my man JoshR who came up the idea for this comic like, almost two weeks ago. I was working on the Sombrero arc so I couldn't get it in. But I finally came up with a script earlier today and here it is.

I hope to get another issue in either today or tomorrow to start off another short arc about Ton and Teeks' Great Adventure to beat their arch nemesis in a Pokemon Battle....that's right....METAKNUCKLES! *dun dun dun!* It was basically all Ton's idea and based on extremely exagerated true events. So look out for that. Within the next few days.

Full Story For Exciting Info On My Newest Icon!

RSS Feed

I Update Once More!
Posted by Cailen @ 1:10:19 AM - Thursday, October 4th

Hey everyone! Been busy with some stuff, but not before getting Craig's entry for Survivor:DeviantArt done! Here he is in all of his morphy glory, Craig's Round 2.

I would also suggest checking out my opponent as his entries and renditions of Craig and Ian are downright AMAZING.

Chris: Go Craig!

RSS Feed

Luck to you, Fooly
Posted by Meta @ 12:12:33 AM - Thursday, October 4th

New Shades of Green, or at least, part of one. =/

RSS Feed

That's all folks...for now ; D
Posted by Fooly @ 10:33:25 PM - Wednesday, October 3rd

Sorry to say, I'm stepping down as artist for Red & Black effective immediately. Don't fret though as Psy already has a fine replacement in store you may know if you a member of Sheezy Art.

You can check her out here as well as a sample of her work here

As for what happens next, Psy told me I can still be a part of the site (once I manage to create more content of course) So you'll definitely still see me around, as I really do enjoy being a part of the fireball team.

Cailen: Come Fooly, let us now recline by the fire and read novels, myes?

RSS Feed

Posted by Alan S. @ 3:23:47 AM - Wednesday, October 3rd

Well, I did, but not the way it's supposed to be done. Ah ha. Ah ha.


Aaaaaaand I win again. A COLD FOR YOU!

RSS Feed

Posted by Kirbopher @ 10:59:47 PM - Tuesday, October 2nd

Here, have a silly meme! Then try it yourself!

RSS Feed

Dark Humour
Posted by Rogultgot @ 5:22:47 PM - Monday, October 1st

the pixel

RSS Feed

Updating and Halo co-op at the same time...what.
Posted by Ame @ 3:13:58 PM - Monday, October 1st

[ Unsound of Mind 010 ]! This honestly would've taken longer but a particular someone whined for things to get done. :B

Linked to the DA version so I can write out a bit concerning some style changes. Durr.
[ main site ] / [ my deviant art archive ] / [ my sheezyart archive ]

RSS Feed

Hey whaddya know
Posted by RittZ @ 9:17:45 AM - Monday, October 1st

New Boxer Hockey. On Monday. woot woot.

Also, on a side note, anyone else notice that Boxer Hockey and Fanboys are like the same damn comic except Fanboys boys is about video games and Boxer Hockey is about sports?

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