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RV #37: Nasty!
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:46:08 PM - Thursday, August 31st

And so concludes Goku and Vegeta's roll in RV. Unless I give them real rolls. Which, I mean - it COULD happen! I don't plan on it but I don't see why not.

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Today is Thursday, You Know What That Means?
Posted by Pete @ 3:17:01 PM - Thursday, August 31st

Neither do I, you got your daily Bomb! for today, and your daily link to the Bomb! forum.

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A filler for Replay Value is a filler for AMERICA.
Posted by Renner @ 2:27:53 PM - Thursday, August 31st

So, yeah. Psy IMs me and he's all like, "HEY, MIKE, ARE YOU BUSY?". And then he had to remember that I'm MIKE RENNER. When am I ever busy?

So, he tells me he needs a filler for Replay Value while he goes to school. So, I literally took ten minutes to write something about eating babies.


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HA HA HA HA Gimmie that
Posted by Cailen @ 11:14:46 PM - Wednesday, August 30th

According to the last Wha-Chow, Psy watches Arthur. And there we go. Cailen Comix for Thursday. Tommorrow will be Believe It!

Unless work and school consume my day >.>
Monday is Greed.

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No matter where you hide it, no matter how secure you make it, we will find...
Posted by Wil @ 8:10:11 PM - Wednesday, August 30th

Your computer room. Chaos Diamonds 3, hot off the presses.

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Two Issues of Bomb!
Posted by Pete @ 2:14:14 PM - Wednesday, August 30th

Here is issue eighteen and here is issue nineteen. In classic slacker style, I ended the current plot line because I couldn't take it anywhere. So on issue twenty, we'll be back to classic Bomb action. I work faster and better when I have a loose plot. People also seem to like it better that way. Daily link to Bomb! forum.

edit: I made a Top Sprite Comic website thingy. I don't know, have fun with it. Don't take it seriously, this is the result of sheer boredom.

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Posted by Psyguy @ 11:46:02 AM - Wednesday, August 30th



And I have a link for you. Where did I put it? Ah. Here it is!

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In Star Rod We Trust
Posted by Rogultgot @ 8:49:44 AM - Wednesday, August 30th

Nothing to say about this one.

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Explode For Your Beliefs!
Posted by Renner @ 12:12:54 AM - Wednesday, August 30th

First and foremost, there is a new GBS over yonder. Hooray!

Secondly, In Wily's Defense has updated with a comic that requires me to go into song.

Just not here. =o

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Posted by Psyguy @ 11:21:15 PM - Tuesday, August 29th

WARNING: Might contain Goku and Vegeta. I'm going to have a mini-arc with them that will span into next comic. It'll be grand!

Cailen's comic is totally wrong! I hate reading! Especially books!

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Moving Picture Films
Posted by Bitor @ 10:11:27 PM - Tuesday, August 29th

I have a comic for you today. This one is a bit longer, and it has some fancy animation. Well, not really fancy at all, but something moves.

I'm going to promote my SheezyArt Page since Psy said I could. Over there you'll find my comic, along with music recordings I do and maybe some wallpapers. I'm always trying to learn more songs on my ACCORDION so if you have any requests, let me know somehow and I'll try the song out. If I can get the song sounding like it should, I'll upload it to SA.

Going on hiatus, fullstory for info.

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Random Kirb
Posted by Cailen @ 8:01:49 PM - Tuesday, August 29th

Oh yeah! We Gotta Find It, Guys!!!

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Hyper Watches Oprah
Posted by Pete @ 3:51:02 PM - Tuesday, August 29th

Don't believe me? Then read today's Bomb! Daily comics ahoy.

Daily plug to a really cool forum where you can post things ahoy! REALLY COOL. Like, 2 kool for skool cool.

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Posted by RittZ @ 9:13:17 AM - Tuesday, August 29th

I'm moving to Savannah this week. So probably no comic on Thursday. :/
But today's strip is extra long to compensate. :D

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RV #35: Some Side-effects may include...
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:54:19 PM - Monday, August 28th

Petrified! (And on time! w00yah!)

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Comics AND Art! It's like Christmas in July! I mean August!
Posted by Cailen @ 9:23:36 PM - Monday, August 28th

So, we have a new Cailen Comix for Tuesday, AND....
I have some Naruto sketches.

Check it out. These people
appear in Believe It!

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RV #34: Tastes soooo good! <3
Posted by Psyguy @ 6:15:15 PM - Monday, August 28th

Here's your comic for today! I know I missed one or two or...something. I'm calling a sick day on those and I'm going to crash and burn into a million pieces now? Kay? Kay.

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Admittance "of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 2:24:22 PM - Monday, August 28th

I can upload stuff again! :O Thank you, Jen. Check's in the mail. >>

Sorry, not back from my hiatus quite yet. BUT I am here to drop off a new Donation Wallpaper for September a few days early.

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Happy Monday!12
Posted by Pete @ 10:08:27 AM - Monday, August 28th

Here's your Bomb! for today. I have nine days left of being free from school, so I'm going to try to pump out as much as I can until then. In the meantime, I'm going to sit here without anyone online to talk to because apparently, most people go back to school in August. I guess that makes Long Island weird.

We also fixed the AV forums. Now we're near suicidal from loneliness. :(

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Tee Hee
Posted by Cailen @ 9:40:44 PM - Sunday, August 27th

Cailen Comix, proving that Education Television isnt just for kids anymore.

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We Have Ejected The Producer.
Posted by Renner @ 9:32:05 PM - Sunday, August 27th

Today's In Wily's Defense may involve the fourth wall.

I also did a five-part miniseries on my Sheezyart account called the "Southtown Mayorial Race", featuring the brief crusades of Geese Howard as he attempts to win YOUR vote as mayor of Southtown.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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Posted by ChrisZ @ 9:03:05 PM - Sunday, August 27th


Finally! I finally did it! I finally incorporated the fact that too much Sweet Scent from a Chikorita leaf results in getting high!....Oh yea and Sabbith’s been absconded with...

Weed in Pokemon!? I smell a Lawsuit! :D

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Pilooooot liiiiiight.
Posted by Trunks @ 11:34:02 AM - Sunday, August 27th

In honor of our last day of Summer, new strip for you.

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Wish Upon a Star Rod
Posted by Rogultgot @ 11:29:13 PM - Saturday, August 26th

There's nothing like teaming up with Doku for some mad Mega Man: Power Fighters rounds over Kaillera to get you in the mood for a nice good Warp Star.

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4 RVs? FER SERIOUS?! (soon anyways...)
Posted by Psyguy @ 9:33:56 PM - Saturday, August 26th

One down, three to go.

Edit: TWO DOWN, two to go.

Edit EDIT: THREE! But I'm spent. I'm going to do tomorrow's today's after some nice sleep. *thud*

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Busy busy busy
Posted by RittZ @ 1:43:04 AM - Saturday, August 26th

I'm busier than an Amsterdam beaver, but you still get Boxer Hockey.

Because I'm just that good of a friend.

Also, Scorch's Silent Hill movie was the greatest.... and I don't know anything about Silent Hill.

Also also, I need more fan-comics!

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This one should tickle Psy's fancy in humor.
Posted by ChrisZ @ 10:51:21 PM - Friday, August 25th

New Whisper Thy Name

I mostly have to thank Will for the little boost in ideas for diolauge.

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Posted by Scorch @ 9:03:16 PM - Friday, August 25th

Ladies and gents, after spending roughly a month and a half animating, I'm proud to present:

Silent Hill 2: Chibi Edition.

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Season 3 Finale Preview~
Posted by Kirbopher @ 2:46:04 PM - Friday, August 25th

TTA: Motherboard404
Preview Flash Movie
Preview Picture

PLUS! TTA 2nd Year Anniversary

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We accept all forms of hatemail with open arms.
Posted by ChrisZ @ 11:38:51 PM - Thursday, August 24th

Guess what folks? Me and Cailen are teaming up for the good of all Narutards with actual sense of orginal fanwork! We present to you...

Believe It!

Expect updates on Friday or Saturday, The actual homepage will be up shortly.

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No Need For Introductions.
Posted by Renner @ 9:40:34 PM - Thursday, August 24th

Green is the color of teleportation.

The more you know!


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Posted by Pete @ 1:47:57 PM - Thursday, August 24th

You get a Bomb! today, and an Author Character!

Also, please come to the AV forums, we're very lonely. :(

edit edit: Aftervision was hacked again, and the whole site is locked out so this is the only place where I can let people know. We're waiting for the host to give us our backups, it should be up tomorrow.

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We got Vikings in a Comic!
Posted by Bitor @ 1:06:14 PM - Thursday, August 24th

I'm leaving today, won't be back until Sunday. Seeing "Snakes on a Plane" on Monday.

This is a link to the comic.

RSS Feed

Posted by Renner @ 9:12:13 AM - Thursday, August 24th

The internet failed for me like five seconds after I uploaded today's GBS, so Psy had to pretend he was me, who was pretending to be a chick.

It's all very, very complicated. In fact, don't.... DON'T think about it for more than five seconds or blood will shoot out your nose.

GBS is here!

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Posted by Cailen @ 12:52:56 AM - Thursday, August 24th

We all have gotta have a little Ian Violence now and then, dont we?

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Alittle something for my new comrads :D
Posted by ChrisZ @ 11:30:17 PM - Wednesday, August 23rd

Da dede da, da da dun da daaaaaa!!!!

Edit-I forgot to add in Hyper >.> Sorri :3

RSS Feed

Posted by RittZ @ 10:57:29 PM - Wednesday, August 23rd

Today's comic looks so good, you might even try to EAT it.

I feel sorry for anyone updating after me.



Don't forget to read the newspost under the comic today, plz kthx.

also... Psy... why must you embarrass me like that
Because I luff you :3

RSS Feed

Posted by Wil @ 5:35:42 PM - Wednesday, August 23rd

Thaaat's a brand spanking new ECB coming your way. I love it, all the new people are like "Enter Clear Bowl, what's this crap?"

Updates might be a little sparse for a while- I'm coming up on final projects time, and by looks of it, they aren't walks in the park. Just a heads up. CD3 won't suffer, I put that ahead of my own stuff cus that comic's the reason half of you are here read MY stuff, but WTAW might not see a new comic for a little bit. OH, by the way, there's a new poll down over thar if you missed it, I added a few new slogans to the banner, and a new design is up in the Wil-Mart Clothing Department. And finally, after Lord knows how long, we have not one, but TWO new scholars joining the ranks of the Idiots page. Enjoy.

RSS Feed

Posted by Pete @ 5:04:52 PM - Wednesday, August 23rd

There are two new Author Character's for you. I updated it yesterday but forgot to update the main page.

Yeah, I know I'm a liar because I said I'll give you an issue of Bomb!, but I've been somewhat busy. AC's are quick to make.

RSS Feed

RV #30: NEWCOMER: Nack and Tobi
Posted by Psyguy @ 3:41:03 PM - Wednesday, August 23rd

A challenger appears!

Nack sprites custom by Silver. Thank you Silver, have my man-babies.

RSS Feed

The King and I
Posted by Rogultgot @ 8:03:38 AM - Wednesday, August 23rd


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Tabasco Sauce in the EYES OF THE KITTENS!
Posted by Cailen @ 11:54:19 PM - Tuesday, August 22nd

Hmmm. Im going to update over Chris now. Yeah. Fuck you, Chris. You little piece of CRAP! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU SO DAMN MU-
I mean welcome to fb20xl! :D
Anyway, Cailen Comix has updated, and, as Psy points out, I DO NOT USE APOSTROPHES!!! OH FLIPPIN WELL!!!

Anyway, here is a teaser: Chris and I are working together on a comic that...that JUST MIGHT...involve these four characters.
ANYWAY AGAIN. Yeah. Now we have stuff. Stuff that will involve THINGS. THINGS THAT WILL INVOLVE LOTS OF GERBILS!

RSS Feed

Starring Kiki As Deep Thought
Posted by Renner @ 11:43:05 PM - Tuesday, August 22nd

I post over Chris in order to bring you In Wily's Defense. Hooray!

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I like to think of it as a mild form of toruettes.......or Wizardry
Posted by ChrisZ @ 11:24:28 PM - Tuesday, August 22nd


*Flips on the Rez music for a cool epic scene*

So yea praise Chris in Zanzabar, I finnaly got into Fireball. And not as a second bananna on a Wachow, I'm fuckin lagit now! Ok well first off I have my own site on Pixelated Empire called Chris' Closet, which is a site dedicated to voice acting work and artwork that is related to my DA account. Then I have some actual art projects in effect. One of them is my Rants which is just me on a inadvertly pissed off tagent, spewing my rage in the form of voice acting. Think Foamy, only not spead up and least likely to get hatemail. Secondly is my random crap comic "Fiddle Sticks" which is more of a comic based on the staffers at Pixelated Empire, but it's on hiatus for now as I wanna work on my actual main comic that Psy is nice enough to let me advertize on his site. That comic is known as Whisper Thy Name, which is a Pokemon affilated comic. What's it about you ask? Well why not go check it out and see for yourself! I promise you it's not your average run of the mill Pokemon comic.....No really I fucking swear.....ASSHOLE DON'T GIMMIE THAT LOOK I'M FUCKING TELLING YOU IT'S TRUE!

Well anyway I'mma wrap this up.....More stuff is on the way besides WTN and whatnot. Stick around long enough and you'll get to know me better! :D THANKS AGAIN FOR LETTING ME JOIN UP PSY!... GO TO PIXELATED EMPIRE.NET!.... :3 And Fireball as well.... *flee*

RSS Feed

Forever gone...
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:40:40 PM - Tuesday, August 22nd

I apologize for this being SUPER LATE. But, I've had the day from hell. HOWEVER, the fact remains, I got it out today. There's only about 20 minutes left IN today. But...TODAY dammit.


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Back to normal.
Posted by RittZ @ 11:23:41 PM - Monday, August 21st

Aaaand the final comic page rears its head. There was so much I had to cut out but I realized about half-way through that the comic-page thing wasn't really condusive to the kind of comic I was trying to run. Maybe in the future when I'm better, or have more of the kinks worked out, I'll do a couple pages again. But for now, back to strips.
Strips are funnier anyway.
Har har funnee.

RSS Feed

It's better not to ask.
Posted by Filthy @ 11:18:08 PM - Monday, August 21st

Clefairy. :3

RSS Feed

Posted by Cailen @ 10:06:21 PM - Monday, August 21st

Im Ashamed

Anyway, uh...soon....soon. Sooooooooon there will be another comic that I draw that will update on Friday...or Saturday.

RSS Feed

I'm Back
Posted by Pete @ 12:16:25 PM - Monday, August 21st

Hello, took a week off in New York City, but I'm back now. I owe you a Bomb!, but I started my random comic I was talking about a few weeks ago. I retitled it Author Character.

Its about an "author character" trying to make the perfect sprite comic. It's main characters will be cameos of my close friends, but I still stand with my offer of accepting anyone for it. Just e-mail me your stuff. The comic is mostly just for fun and I'll update it whenever I feel like it, unlike Bomb! which I try to do one a day.

Bomb! tomorrow.

RSS Feed

Without a Cause
Posted by Fooly @ 10:25:29 AM - Monday, August 21st

Better settel in people, the action in Red & Black is only going to get more chaotic from here on out.

RSS Feed

An Offer Cut Man Can't Refuse
Posted by Renner @ 12:56:49 AM - Monday, August 21st

Psy asked me to start posting In Wily's Defense updates when I make them, as opposed to doing them on Friday. Soooo...

On today's In Wily's Defense, Cut Man gets in touch with his inner self. And his inner self promptly files a sexual harassment suit. Or not. Who knows.

RSS Feed

End of Days
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:02:49 AM - Monday, August 21st

Hey! On time! Whoopie!

RSS Feed

Posted by Cailen @ 10:56:31 PM - Sunday, August 20th

Hey Guys!

Cuz I hate the fucker. Hate her like LIKE I HATE THE SUN!

RSS Feed

You Itallian Spaghetti "of the Year"!
Posted by Alan S. @ 10:24:19 PM - Sunday, August 20th

JunpaX Commission: Part the Fifth
SA Link

And since I forgot to link it when I made it, here's "Miss Tabby Under The Stars". The true version is at SA, but beware. SA's being a real piss bitch at the moment. Crashing every second. You wish I was kidding.

RSS Feed

She can't take much more!
Posted by Psyguy @ 5:47:20 PM - Sunday, August 20th

Better late than never, I always say.

RSS Feed

One magic day he passed my way~
Posted by Trunks @ 5:40:37 PM - Sunday, August 20th

No comic, just wallpaper.

Now I wish my old boss would drop by with my 360 so I could get my cash register vs zombie on. :(

RSS Feed

When going to Seattle...
Posted by Renner @ 3:49:07 PM - Sunday, August 20th

...all you need is crack and condoms.

New GBS, which proves that you should never put too many onions in Scratch's burger.

-- Mike

RSS Feed

Is that sum new RV sites?
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:13:47 PM - Sunday, August 20th

No comic just yet, folks. However, I've been working on the new RV site that has some new wallpapers for you. Icons and Character profiles coming soon!

But for now, I need to make a comic for today.

RSS Feed

Stars and Strikes
Posted by Rogultgot @ 5:19:32 AM - Sunday, August 20th

comic pls.

RSS Feed

Posted by Bitor @ 2:38:46 PM - Saturday, August 19th

Comic? Sure thing.

RSS Feed

Silent Tree
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:28:55 PM - Saturday, August 19th

*runs off to play WoW!* =)

RSS Feed

Hey Guys...
Posted by Cailen @ 12:39:13 AM - Saturday, August 19th

Thanks to Mike Renner, I totally now have a CAST PAGE!!!

Granted, I havent added the girls yet, but OMG, the stuff looks so sexy right now! It gives you a direct look at the main characters and their personalities, plus gives you a run down of their strength stats!

Edit: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I totally just updated over Rittz again by accident. Sorry buddy. Oh, and I had pizza for dinner :P

RSS Feed

Posted by RittZ @ 12:13:34 AM - Saturday, August 19th

Added some sketches on the front page, as well as an explanation for why there's still no new comic yet. Thanks for bein patient.

RSS Feed

Posted by Cailen @ 5:33:37 PM - Friday, August 18th

So, uh. Yeah. A full week of Cailen Comix. I think I did pretty well for myself! Mike let me post over him. Mike is my friend. People should all read Mike's comic. All the time. Like, every day. Right now. Have you done it? Good.

Anywho, here is Friday's Cailen Comix. Thank's Wil, for getting me those fonts and letting me use your picture.

RSS Feed

Third year anniversary.
Posted by Renner @ 5:30:46 PM - Friday, August 18th

Totally posting this only to get trampled by Cailen in like five seconds from now.


In Wily's Defense celebrates its third year anniversary this week!

Find out what happens when Dodongo dislikes science!

And Sputnik returns for no reason other than for plot advancement!

It all happens this week on DRAGON BALL Z IN WILY'S DEFENSE!

RSS Feed

The Mystery is Revealed!
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:00:53 AM - Friday, August 18th

...And the truth...SHALL SET YOU FREE!

RSS Feed

Launch Base, we have a problem.
Posted by Renner @ 5:35:15 PM - Thursday, August 17th

Today's GBS was brought to you in part by "PSY'SMONEYBUCKET.COM", which I totally didn't almost typo as "PSY'SMONKEYBUCKET.COM".

Totally not.


RSS Feed

What is this about a PIZZA?
Posted by Cailen @ 3:22:51 PM - Thursday, August 17th

Evidentally, I have talked myself into getting Rittz a pizza. Little does he know, I need him to BE HERE for a pizza. Let's work on this, shall we? :P

Anyway, here is the guest player in this new Cailen Comix arc.


RSS Feed

Frank's a whale
Posted by RittZ @ 2:48:53 PM - Thursday, August 17th

I'm so freakin' busy. But I'm still updating. It's not a Boxer Hockey page, but I feel it's a lot better than just rushing and uploading a crappy page ::cough::tuesday's::cough::.

Anyway. I'm going to be waiting for this free pizza from Cailen.

RSS Feed

Six panels zomg
Posted by Bitor @ 11:31:32 AM - Thursday, August 17th

It's noon. I just woke up about a half hour ago. I was awake until 4am last night. Now I must find some food...

RSS Feed

Only her bottom half
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:32:25 PM - Wednesday, August 16th

...And really, that's the only part worth while on Mai anyways. Well, I guess her boobs. But, c'mon.

Hey! Do you guys need some Wha-Chow?! Of course you do.


RSS Feed

Posted by Wil @ 9:05:27 PM - Wednesday, August 16th

Okay, so, the production quality and promptness of the update isn't as great as last time, but they can't all be awesome, right? New Chaos Diamonds 3 pages up.

RSS Feed

What're you Going on About?
Posted by Cailen @ 7:03:32 PM - Wednesday, August 16th

Oh god, please dont sue!!!
Anywho, Im working right now on a cool little "Marvel Encyclopedia" type thing for the Cailen Comix characters. I might have a few done tonight. We'll see.

Also, it seems that Rittz lives in my city. I am making it my MISSION to find him. And buy him a pizza.

RSS Feed

RV #23: Legs that just won't stop
Posted by Psyguy @ 1:11:49 PM - Wednesday, August 16th

8 Panels. 2 Custom Backgrounds. I really gotta stop killing myself.

ANYWAYS, the mystery of Bluelover16's identity starts to come into the light. She could be any one of those! Mai! Shermie! Amy! Roll! Mona! ...Zero? Keep on your toes Space Cadets, all will be reveled in due time.

RSS Feed

Take The Call
Posted by Rogultgot @ 6:22:59 AM - Wednesday, August 16th

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah. We bringing in the webbed comics all night long.

RSS Feed

Caution: May Involve Hookers
Posted by Cailen @ 6:20:14 PM - Tuesday, August 15th

For those of you who know who Rupert the Bear is, good for you. For those of you who doooooooooooooooont....

Anyway, enjoy.
And to any hookers who read my comics....
I apologize for the joke. Aaaaand, come to my house. I need some company :P

RSS Feed

I know a bot.
Posted by Trunks @ 6:04:04 PM - Tuesday, August 15th

In my everloving brilliance, I forgot to mention yesterday that we've posted the 69th Trunks and Soto strip. Yep. 69. Definite lawlz.

But I know a bot. Her name is Anna. Anna is her name. She can ban you. Ban you so hard.

RSS Feed

Ummm yeah.
Posted by RittZ @ 5:54:01 PM - Tuesday, August 15th


Not being able to access your files sucks.
Anywayhere is the update.

RSS Feed

Cinderella fat
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:57:48 PM - Tuesday, August 15th

Sorry about today's comic being a little late. It took a little bit finding all the sprites / backgrounds. But, hey, how about I make it 10 panels long! That's longer than the last two comics COMBINED! - I think we're even :)

RSS Feed

We Love Porn
Posted by Cailen @ 7:30:50 PM - Monday, August 14th I totally didnt update this past weekend. DAMMIT!
Anyway, here is Monday's Cailen Comix. It may contain LIGHTBULBS.

ALSO...thanks to NY Chris for animating this....

RSS Feed

She's coming!
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:43:22 AM - Monday, August 14th

Heya, sorry about missing yesterday's update. I had a really crappy night which involved in only about 2 hours of sleep total. Made being creative rather difficult. BUT - I have yesterday's make-up right HERE!

I still have to do -today's-, but I'm gonna get me something to eat and I'll BBL.
Enjoy for now =)

Edit: Today's comic get!

RSS Feed

I'll bean YOU!
Posted by Renner @ 2:21:55 PM - Sunday, August 13th

Fun facts from Cailen:

Chillax is a type of cold laxitive.

Here's GBS.


RSS Feed

Bean There, Done That
Posted by Rogultgot @ 4:29:53 AM - Sunday, August 13th

Man I'm tired. Ah, hoo, here's your comic.

RSS Feed

Shuicide "of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 1:08:18 AM - Sunday, August 13th

Ian Jenkins Commission: Part The Sixth
SA Link

Sixth commission for Ian Jenkins.

RSS Feed

Froggy Politics
Posted by RittZ @ 12:36:12 PM - Saturday, August 12th

Saturday's page, good to go.
Poll at the bottom of the main frame. I've pretty much decided what I'm going to do, but I'd still like to know what everyone thinks.
Thanks for your patronage.

Whatever that means.

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Saturday Bonus
Posted by Pete @ 11:26:07 AM - Saturday, August 12th

Here you guys go, a rare Saturday comic. Oh, I mean comics. 13 and 14 are up. 13 rhymes, AND moves the plot forward!

...Didn't I update last Saturday? Anyway, post on the Bomb! forums and check out this AMAZING fan comic. And when I say go to my forums, post. :'(

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Posted by Hyper @ 1:34:16 AM - Saturday, August 12th


And here's a picture. It's Venom. He says "Hi!"


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Bass looses the outline
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:46:20 AM - Saturday, August 12th


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OOOOOOOOOOh muh gawd.
Posted by Cailen @ 3:57:18 PM - Friday, August 11th

Hmmm. You know what? I think that I might have gone insane.
I've just updated once every single day this week.
Ah well, here is Cailen Comix.

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No Double Comic Friday, Today
Posted by Pete @ 11:36:24 AM - Friday, August 11th

The past few days I've been fairly busy and haven't had the chance to sit down and make the three comics I owe you (Thursday, Double Comic Friday). But do not fear, I do have stuff for you!

On the Bomb! homepage, you may notice a link that says "Super Happy Furry Time Time 23 Hundred". Click it. There I posted two comics I made about a month ago. They are random, and have zip to do with Bomb!

Yeah, I know you don't care but you will when I tell you the next thing: This comic ACCEPTS cameos! Yes, you can be in it if you please. Just send your sheet to me and if its a decent sheet, I'll fit you in somehow. I'll take anything as long as its not god awful ugly. Be warned, once you send me the sheet your sprite will most likely get raped by Bowser, have its head blown off, and maybe catch some mental disorder from an old Megaman boss. The comic will be updated...hmm, every weekend.

Also, I'll be away from Saturday to late Monday. Monday's Bomb! may be late.

edit: it seems my pals over at Aftervision has affilated with FB20XL. Check out AV, they were my host for the past year and treat everyone like family. If you have a comic that needs a host, ask them!

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Warioman: omg
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:19:34 AM - Friday, August 11th

Eh, it's only 10 am (central). This isn't THAT late.

I love Wario's icon in this BTW. If you can guess where "Bluelover16's" icon is from you get a cookie.

Edit: Shout out: This is a pretty cool WoW comic. (No pun indended). It never updates. But it's cool. I love this one.

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I do it for the chicks, man!
Posted by Renner @ 9:40:17 AM - Friday, August 11th

This week, on In Wily's Defense!

Freeze Man escapes!

Dr. Wily's still in the closet!

And we begin a new story arc!

All this and possibly a monkey on the next exciting edition of DRAGON BALL Z IN WILY'S DEFENSE.

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Posted by Psyguy @ 8:34:15 PM - Thursday, August 10th

There we go. I don't know why I didn't think about using these backgrounds sooner!

Also, I had a guest comic ready for today, but I didn't want to bump down Cailen's post. You can see the fan comic here. By Meta.

Edit: Go Go Power rangers!
Edit EDIT: And I said I would link THIS GUY. So I did.

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Posted by Bitor @ 7:23:30 PM - Thursday, August 10th

I got a busy weekend, so you get a New Lost Vikings comic today.

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Cailen Comix pg.68
Posted by Cailen @ 3:54:45 PM - Thursday, August 10th

Dont ask me why. I cant even tell you.

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Aaaaand Thursday
Posted by RittZ @ 1:09:50 AM - Thursday, August 10th

Thursday's page is ready.


There's blood.

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Funky Dance "of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 11:35:19 PM - Wednesday, August 9th

The Wise Mankey Freebie
SA Link

Freebie for Mankey to go along with his tenth commission (I DON'T DO FREEBIES ANYMORE, SO DON'T ASK).

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Posted by Cailen @ 10:50:30 PM - Wednesday, August 9th

My good friend and unofficial fireball20xl member, NEW YORK CHRIS, runs an awesome Pokemon based comic called "Whisper Thy Name". You should totally check it out. Right now. Are you checking it out? Why not? Come on!
DO IT!!!!


Anyway, I drew a Filler Comic for the comic. What you do, see, is click "first", read all the comics, and then get to mine. Or just read mine, THEN read the comic. Just read all the pages. Am I plugging this enough? I dunno.

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Bomb! #12
Posted by Pete @ 8:59:24 PM - Wednesday, August 9th

Bowser's plot on how to brainwash the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom is beginning to unfold.

The answer is Mario and Rhinos.

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Posted by Psyguy @ 6:51:45 PM - Wednesday, August 9th

Oh yeah! It's Wednesday! I almost forgot about...ah...where the hell did I put it? Oh yea, here it is. A brand new Wha-chow!

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Posted by Hyper @ 5:07:17 PM - Wednesday, August 9th



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My mouth gapes open, too!
Posted by Wil @ 1:36:27 PM - Wednesday, August 9th

See!? :O So, yeah, this is the second WTAW update in a row that's been a Randomosity... but the joke was just too good to pass up. Yes, friends, it's another joke at Psy's expense! You can have the Sheezy link for now because my site's being a brat at the moment...

Here, I'll make it up to you with some arts :D WITH GUSTO!!

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Posted by Rogultgot @ 3:09:17 AM - Wednesday, August 9th

New comic and it's my fucking birthday too psy ;____________________________________

full story pls

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On time!
Posted by Psyguy @ 12:20:10 AM - Wednesday, August 9th

All right! I'm on time! Go me!

Happy Belated Birthday to Bitor, BTW. And Happy NOW birthday to Ame (the 9th)! :)

Edit: *looks at everyone's icon* Aparently to be part of FB you need to have your mouth wide open in some fashion. Huh.

Edit EDIT: Happy fucking birthday, too, Rog! What's with everyone fucking in Nov-Dec! Does the "Hey baby unwrap my present" bit work THAT well?! *looks at Bitor, Rog, and Ame* Y'know. Aparently it does.

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New Story Arc
Posted by Cailen @ 10:07:57 PM - Tuesday, August 8th

Well, hopefully this story arc doesnt take so damn long like the Junichan arc!

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A Little Late
Posted by Pete @ 9:47:17 PM - Tuesday, August 8th

Couldn't get my way onto the computer today until around 10:00 PM, quickly made todays comic which I forgot to make yesterday like I always do, but I kept my word. It's not 12:00 AM yet. Har har!

Now I'm going to go make Wednesday's really quick so I can sleep and post on TIME tomorrow.

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Back from Otakon "of the Year"
Posted by Alan S. @ 8:35:25 PM - Tuesday, August 8th

And bringing some completed update worthy works with me.

The Wise Mankey Commission: Part The Tenth
SA Link

Tenth commission for Mankey.

So the running gag is that once upon a time...MANYMANYMANY moons ago...Mikey Ragnal made a TRG fancomic (or random comic, I don't recall the specifics) portraying him auditioning to be in TRG. He was to interact with Nala and...well...basically, the above is a slight telling of what happened. The main difference is Mankey's inclusion and in regards to his will NOW. :/

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Yikes. I'm late
Posted by RittZ @ 3:27:17 PM - Tuesday, August 8th

Tuesday's page is up.
Sorry I'm so late in the day. Today's page was a realy hassle for reasons disclosed within.
Till Thursday, then.

*deletes post* *makes a new one after your's* :)

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So crazy...
Posted by Psyguy @ 3:26:41 PM - Tuesday, August 8th

If you're still in the same dimension after this comic, congratulations.

Mario sprites used today from tsgk.

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Posted by Renner @ 1:48:10 PM - Tuesday, August 8th

A SHOCKING new Get Blue Spheres is posted!

*gets bricked by the entire internet*


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WHAT THE FUCK??!!!?!!?! GREED????
Posted by Cailen @ 10:20:10 PM - Monday, August 7th



I mean. My loyal readers who have waited so patiently for the reutrn of the adventures of Wario.


Gohma for the win, by the way. I hope I dont get UDPATED OVER!!!! *glares at Rittz*

EDIT: Oh, and here is The Wise Mankey

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Another Week, Another Bomb!
Posted by Pete @ 12:44:26 PM - Monday, August 7th

Here's your daily dose of Bomb!. A few people have asked, so here's that background. Do whatever you want with it, as long as you give some sort of credit. It took me a whopping TWO MINUTES to make.

Also, a reminder because I keep getting e-mails on when I'm updating. Bomb! is a daily comic, and is updated weekdays, Monday-Friday, with two comics on Fridays. No, I will not e-mail you personally when I update. Bookmarks are a handy tool.

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Posted by RittZ @ 3:19:02 AM - Monday, August 7th

So yeah, anyway I got a bunch of emails over the weekend and they were all in accord. Boxer Hockey is now a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday affair.
But there's still some eye-candy to look at here.

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Blood and THUNDER!
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:37:45 PM - Sunday, August 6th

You'd think today's comic took only a couple of minutes? Right? Right?! WRONG.

Okay, first of all. FOR SOME REASON, when I took a screen shot of the loading screen it didn't screen the cursor. So I had to HUNT DOWN the SPRITE of the cursor. YEAH - have fun with that. But, doing that I found a website that has every background. Ever. It makes me hot.

Then I had a mental breakdown whether or not I should do my crappy custom backgrounds or just use pre-made backgrounds that LOOK better and only take 2 seconds to copy / paste. That took like 10 minutes of deep soul searching to decide which one to go with.

So there you have it! This comic should of taken about 4 seconds. Took 30 minutes because I'm apparently infatuated with penis.

Lol ...'fatuated. X3

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A face full of it.
Posted by Trunks @ 11:14:20 PM - Sunday, August 6th

Well, we won't have a comic up in the following week because it's going to be a special one. In the meantime, I've a picture I've done for you all.

As you know, I've been addicted to eBay recently. VERY Addicted.

Oh well, who knows, it might actually work. :D

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Tomorrow, I turn 17.
Posted by Bitor @ 10:31:18 PM - Sunday, August 6th

New Lost Vikings: LiVGW

I was going to update tomorrow, but I'm going to be out and about doing birthday related stuff, and seeing a movie. So I wouldn't have time to do that. Enjoy the comic, and such.

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Posted by Cailen @ 9:08:03 PM - Sunday, August 6th

So, uh....HI EVERYBODY!!!

Im back! Psy sent me a memory stick and now I can freely move files between computers again! WOOT! So, prepare for a good amount of updates now that Im back in business. Today, I bring you Cailen Comix, marking the end of the second Cailen Comix story-arc. IT TOOK ME A YEAR AND 8 MONTHS!!! ARGH!

Anyway, hopefully by tommorrow we'll have Greed up. I'll try to have a set schedule where I update at least twice a week, wether with Cailen Comix, Greed, or Old Cailen Comix. THANK YOU PSY!

Now, all of you womens out there...I need some hot sweet love. I mean...Juni....I need your hot sweet love. Not anyone else. Except Mike Renner. He knows how to make men swoon. Oh, and Mankey. We need his hot barbequey loins. All the time.

EDIT: Figures that within an hour or two, the day I post something again, 3 people post over me :P

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Posted by Scorch @ 6:00:29 PM - Sunday, August 6th

Flash Progress

Be back in two weeks or so. Going camping/family reunion/Mount Rushmore.

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Posting over Psy lolololololol
Posted by Filthy @ 12:58:29 PM - Sunday, August 6th

I knew drawing porn was a bad idea-- or possibly a damn good one. I'm not sure anymore. XD Thanks, Psy...

ANYWAY. TEASER TIME. And one HELL of a teaser I might add. This thing took forever. o.O But yes-- two weeks of having your computer down = comic ideas. And holy CRAP-- World of Warcraft comic! Say hello to the troll there, Monoxide. You'll be seeing a lot more of him. :D

Where's Jak...? Uh... he died. Yeah.

No really, I just don't have any interest in the Jak series right now. I'm sure when they release more news on their next game I'll be interested again, but for right now, I'm Jak'd out. Or off. Something like that. ;D But no, I hope everyone can find enjoyment from my randomness from now on. Just ignore the Jak Off layout. Maybe if you squint REALLY HARD Monoxide and the night elf will look like Jak characters.

Back to my Wario pr0n...

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Is that FILTHY?
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:24:16 AM - Sunday, August 6th

Going 12 days in a ROW, baby!

Thanks to my good pal Silver for the extra poses for Dedede!

by Meta

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Tilt 'n' Rumble
Posted by Rogultgot @ 6:24:20 AM - Sunday, August 6th

I see a new comic off the starboard bow!

ps jews are fun

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I Lack Jew Jokes
Posted by Pete @ 10:26:35 PM - Friday, August 4th

You said it couldn't be done, but I did it! Not only did I update daily for three days like I said I would, I brought you THREE comics instead of the promised two.

Will I update Saturday or Sunday? Most likely, because the plot set in issue nine has given me lots of ideas to run with.

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I apologize
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:05:37 PM - Friday, August 4th

I would like to apologize for my remarks. But I'm not going to. Wario is.

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Posted by Psyguy @ 10:36:39 AM - Friday, August 4th

Today I'm trying for more topical humor.

In case you don't know about it, Mel got charged with DWI and apparently blamed his inability to control himself on the Jews.

(During his arrest, Gibson asked the arresting deputy whether he was a Jew and said, "F---ing Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," according to a sheriff's report obtained by the entertainment Web site - from

Edit: You know tSR is back, yeah?

EDIT: You got NFRs on your face!

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Posted by Renner @ 9:40:01 AM - Friday, August 4th

Okay, two things I'm gonna do.

The more important one is that Get Blue Spheres has been updated with sexy goodness involving Sonic and Knuckles essentially turning into elderly people. Complete with that horrid smell that usually accompanies elderly. =o Or not. That might just be me.

The less important one is that it's Friday. Henceforth, I have to report this week's update of In Wily's Defense, in which a plot twist that probably everyone saw coming, as well as a plot twist nobody saw coming, is revealed.

Hooray. Now go off and enjoy the sprite comic-y goodness. Away!

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Political criticisms ahoy.
Posted by Trunks @ 9:20:49 AM - Friday, August 4th

We've got a new comic up. It's on time for once!

Also, please please please please please check out my eBay stuff. Most of it's my girlfriend's and she needs to pay rent. Magic the Gathering players should definitely check it out.

And no more begging from me right now. :D

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Posted by RittZ @ 1:23:48 AM - Friday, August 4th

Friday's page is up, and I am FREE for the weekend!

See you suckas on Monday. Worrrd.

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God Damn Sun
Posted by Pete @ 2:56:54 PM - Thursday, August 3rd

In today's issue of Bomb!, I explain how to get around the Sun in SMB3. Too bad you can't really do that in the game, it would be awesome! For all of those asking for plots, (you want a full blown plot in six issues?), this is an important issue. Just wait until tomorrow, when I make TWO issues. How about that? Every Friday you get two issues instead of one. Sound good? Good.

Anyway, I created a contact page so all you crazy kids can stop asking and find my e-mail (AND GIVE ME FEEDBACK!), AIM, and what two forums I go to. Its fun!

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Haha... episode 69. Like the sex position.
Posted by RittZ @ 1:47:03 AM - Thursday, August 3rd

Thursday's strip is up.
Man, I haven't even finished drawing tomorrow's yet.... :/
Someone be my angel and set me free!

Also, Psy, it doesn't matter how far down the list you are, everyone will always seek out your posts anyway. wink

But for the record, it was like 5 hours after you posted.
For the record, I did your Mom

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omg YEY
Posted by Psyguy @ 10:00:59 PM - Wednesday, August 2nd

Oh man, is that sum new replay values!

RittZ is just gonna update 2 seconds after this so it really doesn't matter what I put here...


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Titles Are Awesome
Posted by Pete @ 7:39:45 PM - Wednesday, August 2nd

Hello everyone, I bring you Bomb! Issue five today. You might be getting a good idea on where the comic is headed with this issue. But you're wrong. I got some plot twists you'll love. Also, I'm going to update the comic Monday-Friday, taking off Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and I also made a Replay Value fan comic because I was bored the other night.

Anyway, two things. I'd LOVE to hear some feedback from you guys! Drop me an e-mail here. Also, put my button on your site and maybe I'll put yours on mine.

Oh, and post and join the Aftervision Forum! They were kind enough to allow me to use it to host my Bomb! forum and they also hosted Bomb! before it moved here.

Also, read full story for more things.

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Do you know what's terribly TERRIBLY funny?
Posted by Wil @ 7:34:25 PM - Wednesday, August 2nd

Trapping people in a pit of no return when they're about to blow chunks in your amusement park in Roller Coaster Tycoon. But no time to laugh about it now! The plot thickens in today's Chaos Diamonds 3...

EDIT: By the way, Kirbopher wins at life. Watch freaking TTA right now. DO IT!!

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Episode 069
Posted by Kirbopher @ 7:15:15 PM - Wednesday, August 2nd

Episode 069: Rank of the Master


Aright, here it is kiddies, the final part of the "Ranks of Sanctuary" Arc in Season 3, Episode 069...yes. 69. The joke is already there folks, pointing it out again isn't going to make you look intelligent OR cool. But aaaaaanyways...(full story for more)

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Resiliant little pixel!
Posted by Renner @ 12:10:35 PM - Wednesday, August 2nd

Today, I finished the 50th Get Blue Spheres. This is an exciting day... and quite clearly, this is an occasion where one must dance.

*tears off clothes in one motion*


Edit: Edited 48 a tad

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Sage Advice
Posted by RittZ @ 2:45:21 AM - Wednesday, August 2nd

Wednesday's Page is ready for your reading. There's no punchline but there is a lot of ZOOM lines! ZOOM!!

Also, if you have the time, read the newspost today. It contains a few bits of information that have really helped make my life a more pleasant experience.


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I'm not gay! Yaaaaay!
Posted by Psyguy @ 11:30:48 PM - Tuesday, August 1st

And so ends that little story arc.

Edit: New Wha-chow! Warning: May contain Psy's bleeding asshole!

These guys are crazy. CRAZY AWESOME!

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Posted by Hyper @ 8:25:30 PM - Tuesday, August 1st

I'm now doing commisions for pretty cheap!

One full-colored 600X800 picture only for $10! Here's some of examples of what you can get for only $10:
A pretty picture like this girl here
A pic of your favorite anime character
Even a picture of your own character!

Want a commision? Click the Full Story link to find out more!

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Is this thing on?
Posted by Bitor @ 6:34:11 PM - Tuesday, August 1st

Hey all, I'm the new guy. I run a sprite comic called "The Lost Vikings: Lost in Video Game Worlds". It's about three vikings, who are lost, in video game worlds. I know, really deep, right?

That's about all I got right now, so... go read the Archives and I'll be back next week with some more of the vikings' adventure.

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I Make Things Go Bomb!
Posted by Pete @ 6:29:42 PM - Tuesday, August 1st

Hey there, I'm Pete/Spaticus, and today I bring you Bomb!, my new comic on the gang in the Mushroom Kingdom, and its already full of murder and Bowser sex. BOWSER SEX!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I think I'm going to update every other day, but that might change because I made all four original issues in one day. If you like it, drop me an e-mail, or post on Bomb!'s forum which was offered by my pals at Aftervision!.

See you tomorrow. Or tonight.

edit: Comic navigation script is now GO! Thanks, Sly!

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